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Billy Allen

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Music Business Advanced Course

    • 1:Role of an Entertainment Attorney

    • 2:How do I build an audience?

    • 3: As an artist, what steps do I take to get a record deal?

    • 4:The Importance of Compromise

    • 5:"The Golden Rule"-What kills a deal?

    • 6: Licensing Deals

    • 7: What to do once you have a deal?

    • 8: Artist Publishing and 360 Deals

    • 9: The Evolving Industry

    • George and Mathew Knowles

    • Mr. Knowles Backstory

    • Self-Evaluation—Giving Yourself Feedback-1080

    • Tonya 100

    • Do Looks Matter?

    • Music Business Protocol

    • 1: Steps to get a Record Deal

    • 2: What does Mr. Knowles look for?

    • 3: Difference between sampling and replaying

    • 4: How does an independent production company build a relationship with record label companies

    • 5 Start Small

    • 6: What happens after you get signed

    • 7 Cooperating with Record Labels

    • 8: Handling Creative Differences

    • 9: Branding

    • 10: Failure

    • Brittney

    • Building a team- Difference between performer and Artist logo changed

    • Music Business Protocol

    • Dakota

    • How it starts is how it is

    • Intro to music business bootcamp

    • Ken

    • Technology is chainging the way records are made

    • Understanding the Raido

    • What is Knowles Talent Search

    • Harrison

    • Maria Durbani

    • Olga